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We met up with Manny and Karla for their engagement session at the U of A.They took us around campus to all the spots that meant something to them during their courtship. I asked them how they met and this is what Karla told me:

“Manny and Karla attended the University of Arizona (UofA), but they did not know one other until October 1st, 2005. Manny was the president for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and Karla simply wanted to attend an event to meet new people and possibly make some friends.Karla found out that there was an event going on at the UofA, the event was La Familia put on by SHPE. Karla was interested and figured that this will be a great opportunity to meet new people. Karla goes to the event which registration was at the Aerospace and Mechanica Engineering building (AME). As she gets out of the car she sees Manny for the first time and something inside of her happened… There were many people helping with registration but Karla wanted Manny to help her. At the same time Manny sees Karla and he just wants to get to know her and he hopes to help her with registration. They finally met but for a brief moment, the connection was unexplainable. As the day went on Manny made his rounds to ensure the event was running smoothly, undoubtedly to cross paths with Karla. Once it was time for lunch, someone convinced Karla to join SHPE and told her “I’ll introduce you to the president,” which ended up being Manny. From then on they kept in contact and became great friends. This beautiful friendship would come to blossom into pure love for one another.”

This is the spot where they first met.

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