Something Blue Wedding Photography

Welcome to our New Blog……Whoo Hooo.  We are going to kick this baby off with a very romantic and wonderful wedding……Enjoy!!!

We had a great time photographing the  wonderful wedding of Kyle and Allison.  They were married at one of our fav local’s….Saguaro Buttes.  They were blessed with a beautiful cloudy and deep sky.  Allison created a very simple Classic and elegant affair.  She was so beautiful and timeless.

On to the Ceremony.

What is your favorite part of the ceremony?   Mine has to be the bride and father of the bride approaching the groom.I love to get a picture of the groom’s expression as his soon to be wife approaches.  But I also love the sentimental unspoken gesture as her father gives his daughters hand to the other man standing before him.  There is so much emotion stirring between the three of them.  Not to mention the tears from mom sitting so near.

Thank you for joining us on this sweet day and please come back.  So many more stories to be told.  I leave you with some romantic night photographs.


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