Something Blue Wedding Photography

A wedding day is so much more than a day of celebration.  When you are in love and marrying the man/woman of your dreams…isn’t your story better than a fairytale?  I think so and this story is just that.

Introducing Bernadette and Joey.  Smiles, Smiles and well, more smiles during the entire day.  They chose the beautiful Reflections at the Buttes in Tucson, Arizona.

Doing a First Touch is an emotional high.  You have the sensation of touching the one you love, but blinded by sight.  It is a very moving moment.

Joey’s parents have passed but they were waiting for him at the end of the isle overlooking the entire ceremony.  They were definitely present with their son on this day.

The Honor Guard was there to welcome Bernadette into the Air force family.

Joey and Bernadette had a little twist on the signing book.  They provided a bible and guests would highlight and sign their favorite passage for the couple to read at a later time.  What an amazing idea.  Since the Bible was so important to them, we utilized it for our ring shot.  I do believe the symbol of the rings translates into love of the heart.

We end this fairytale of a day with some romantic photographs and more symbols of love.  Congratulations and may your Fairytale continue until the end of time……The End!

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