Something Blue Wedding Photography

Cassie and Paul had a connection like no other.  Watch the expressions and you will see true love as their story is told.  They chose the beautiful Reflections at the Buttes for their ceremony and reception.  It was a glorious day in Tucson, Arizona.

Something Blue Photography

Village Bakehouse for cupcakes

Deb’s Darlin Flowers for bouquets

Paul had his groomsmen deliver this handmade and heartfelt gift to Cassie before the ceremony.  He took a deck of cards and wrote sweet love notes on each of the 52 cards.  He bound them together for Cassie to look at whenever she wanted to think of her sweet man.  It’s the sweet and simple things that mean so much.

I love this alternative idea to the sand ceremony.  They planted a cactus for their home to grow and flourish.

As usual, there is always laughter, tears an happiness during the ceremony.  John Fazio did a fabulous ceremony for this sweet couple.

This next photograph is an amazing way to capture all the family that attended.  I know you HEART it!!!!

If you have been watching the eyes and facial expression, you have already witnessed the love.  But…..this next set of photos kind of sums
it up.  I love to two completely different and playful photos of Cassie and Paul.  Cassie and Paul are all they ever wanted and so
much more.  I think they both got the best end of the deal.

The delicious yumminess below was created by Village Bakehouse.  They were moist and melted in your mouth.

Paul had unique way for tossing the garter.  Attach it to a football and let it fly.  LOVE IT!!!

What a fun day filled with all the elements of fun, surprises, laughter and tears.  It was perfect.  We look forward to seeing you for our next wedding.  Thanks for stopping by.

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