Something Blue Wedding Photography

David and Nicole’s wedding dream day took place high on the mountain top.  Well as high as you can get in Tucson……This I speak of is Mt. Lemmon.  It was a gorgeous day and this couple was full of smiles and love.

This was a special treat for us.  We had not photographed a wedding up there till this day.  So many brides want something other than the desert, and this was the perfect place.

This sweet face is Goliath. He couldn’t make the wedding, but he had to make a debut in this story. Just look at that sweet face.

David and Nicole were surrounded by majestic Pines towering around them as far as the eye could see. Clear blue skies and clean crisp air encompassed guests as they witnessed this union. David’s college friend flew in and was the officient for them.

Our vintage blue sofa made a debut as well.  It was the perfect piece of jewerly needed to accent our wedding party nestled in the pines.  The lovely shade of lavender and pop of yellow was magic to the eye.

Dinner was to be cooked over a fire. How fitting is that. I think we had more fun watching the banter between the chefs than anything else. The signing book was replaced with a hand painted tree where guests added their thumbprint as leaves.

It was such an amazing day with amazing people.  Congratulations and Happy Days ahead!!!


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