Something Blue Wedding Photography

Yvette and Luis planned the most amazing elegant wedding and held at El Conquistador.Yvette had a vision and it played out beautifully. When you walked into the reception it was unexpected and awe-inspiring. You will see below.

Wait until you see the wedding party attire. Unique to say the least. I was so fascinated with the bridesmaid’s dresses. They are unexpected, extrodenair and fabulous all at the same time. The men, also came dressed to impress.

The Majestic Puche Ridge Mountain is the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

Now for some eye candy.  The reception was to die for.  I love the damask and red and black color scheme.  Roses galore.  It was a beautiful site.

CE Entertainment was in the house, rockin the music scene.

Yvette and Luis are big gamers.  Video gamers that is.  So why was I surprised when she had a red (matching her wedding color scheme) controller.  LoL.  Love her game face.

Towards the end of the night a couple of the bridesmaids sneaked away and decorated the honeymoon suit so that they would be surprised with a splash of romance.

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