Something Blue Wedding Photography

Something Blue Photography photographed Erin and Schaeffer  wedding at the beautiful and historic Hacienda del Sol.  In Planning the wedding Erin was inspired by old Hollywood Glam and she was helped by our new friend “Pinterest”.    Erin and Schaeffer are both beautiful people and  looked like they popped right out of a Hollywood film.

To see more of their wedding you can pick up the latest issue of Tucson Bride and Groom Magazine on page 26 and 27 or visit the on line version of the magazine HERE.

We brought along Aisha Breaux to assist us.  It’s always a pleasure to have her with us.

Erin started out the day with you two besties.  Are they just the cutest thing ever.  And Erin even got a High-5.

We did some beautiful bridals of Erin.  She just radiates romance.

Erin had small frames with photos of her loved ones that had passed away.  She wanted them near her on this special day.  Erin
hand stamped and jeweled  place cards that were perched upon wine corks for the guests.  Large pearls were delicately placed in her bouquet.

The ceremony took place St. Thomas in the Foothills.  It was a lovely ceremony.  Guests were given wands with ribbon attached to wave the couple through the isle as they left the church.

And back to Hacienda we went for some photos and the Par-tay.

The photo below in the upper right corner was inspired again from Pinterest.  The friend to the right  had introduced the couple.

I just adore this shot of her two doting grandfathers giving Erin some SUGAR!!

Amazing food and casual atmosphere took us into the night.

Ohhhhhhhhhh were we blessed with a sunset.  The sky was on fire.  What an amazing day.

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