Something Blue Wedding Photography

We have some really fun weddings coming up and so excited to share with you all. This next wedding is every little girls dream. It took place at the Happiest place on earth…….Disney World!!!! That’s right…..Florida baby.

This is Megann and Andrew’s dream wedding day. It started the day before wondering around the sights. Then family and close friends met at a little German restaurant in Epcot Center. We had some good food, good beer and good conversation.

Later that evening Megann and Andrew had a private party at the water front at Epcot Center where they were showered with a festival of Fireworks and goodies.

On the wedding day Megann started out at Wild Kingdom getting beautified while the men stayed at the Pop Culture Resort and messed around with all the big toys.  Megan designed her own dress.  The fabric and completed masterpieces was brought in from Overseas.

With such a big location and no time to spare.  They chose to do a first meeting.  Wow, that is dramatic entrance.

It’s not every day you get African animals as a backstage in your photos.

The ceremony was held after hours in Animal Kingdom.  This meant we had the park to ourselves.

Megann brought some of her own design and wedding details.  The receptions was fun and whimsical thanks to Megann’s creativity and the talent of Disney.

A Disney wedding just would not be complete without a guest appearance from the one and only………….wait for it………….

We had an amazing time and so happy for Dreams that DO come true. Congratulations Megann and Andrew. You truly had a day to remember.


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