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This is part 1 of Exploring Tucson Venues.  Something Blue has photographed at just about every venue in town and therefore thought you would like to hear our take on them all.  Part 1 will include the venues that we work at often.  Each one holds a special place in our heart and cannot sing their praise enough.  The venues are listed in alphabetical order.

Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch wedding ceremony and great location for exploring tucson venues.
Bride and Groom after I Do


While exploring Tucson venues we recommend Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch.  Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch has much to offer to today’s engaged couples.  It is surrounded by a lush desert, green grass, a  garden hacienda style area and mountain views.   Something Blue loves the hip stylish copper ceiling in the bar.  This one of a kind rustic bar is a great spot for guests to quench their thirst. It is an excellent photo op.

Built in the 1890’s, Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch is the oldest guest ranch in the state.  There is a sweet and quaint rambling creek alongside the ceremony where you say I Do. This is the perfect location for a ranch wedding or a sophisticated chic wedding.  Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch does not disappoint with views and food, hence,  The chefs at Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch know what they are doing.   For that reason Something Blue Photography recommends having the grilling station on the lawn. The food is absolutely delicious. Your guests will enjoy a dinner under the stars and an ambiance they won’t forget.  The Ranch always ends a meal with a refreshing sorbet.

 Something Blue Photography loves the hacienda garden feel on the patio with the blue door background.  It is a favorite spot of ours for couple and individual portraits. 

Their staff is top notch and starts from the owners who care about every detail. The reception dance floor is decked out with strobe lights and a fog machine for a night full of crazy and fun dancing.

The  If you stop by to look at the grounds, please tell them Something Blue says hi.

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Saguaro Buttes wedding venue at sunset.  Perfect venue to view when exploring the perfect wedding venue.
Bride and Groom at Sunset Point at Sagauro Buttes


As you are Exploring Tucson Venues we suggest visiting Saguaro Buttes.  Saguaro Buttes Wedding venue  has the views like no other. This wedding venue overlooks the majestic Saguaro National Park East in Tucson, Arizona.  It has scenery and landscape of the desert that goes on as far as the eye can see.    If you love our Arizona desert then your heart will melt when you visit Saguaro Buttes.     They have a lovely pond and waterfall feature that is perfect for wedding photos.  The pond transforms into a twinkling wonderland of romance at night. Something Blue will take you and your wedding party to the pond during the day. Then we usher the couple down in the evening for spectacular photos.

Hands down, Saguaro Buttes Wedding venue has the best sunset point in Tucson, as a result, Something Blue has created some of the most spectacular images at sunset at this venue.    The venue is on a hill.  There are days that you can turn in a 360 degree turn and have color in the sky in every direction.   The owners are wonderful caring people that cater to each client. Pastor Dave gets to know each couple and always delivers a loving heartfelt ceremony. 

They have beautiful grassy knoll down near the pond that has been used for ceremonies or receptions.  As night falls the lights begin to glow and create a unique outdoor garden setting.  Grass, pond, desert and sunsets: what else could you ask for in a venue?  They have it all.

Saguaro Buttes Wedding venue has an open house the 1st Tuesday of every month.  We are usually in attendance and would love to chat with you.

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wedding lingo and sparklers.  Stillwell House is a beautiful venue to check out when Exploring Tucson Venues.
Bride and Groom night photos at Stillwell House.


The Historic Stillwell House & Garden is Tucson’s downtown go to venue as you are exploring Tucson venues.  If you are going for the downtown vibe then you exploring this Tucson venue is a must.

Ceremonies are held in the main courtyard. You are surrounded by floral and beautifully potted plants. Look underfoot as it is paved with perfectly aged patina cobblestone.   The bride makes a grand entrance into the ceremony as the Stillwell House staff opens the wooden doors in unison.  As the anticipation builds the bride is revealed.  

The bride and groom make their grand entrance coming down the stairs in the two story main building.  Guest sit below and cheer as they cascade their way into the reception.  Some couples choose to have dinner in the court yard under the stars and bistro lights.   Furthermore, you will not be disappointed when tasting their food.  From appetizer to dinner your taste buds will be especially happy.  Our favorite is the Artichoke and Spinach dip for the appetizer,   I am drooling just thinking about it. They are always organized and prompt with service, hence, Wilma is your woman to get things done.

You enter into a peaceful garden setting away from the hustle and bustle when the wooden gates close behind you.  The decor inside is elegant and inviting with crystal chandeliers and perfectly placed vases.  The ambiance is romantic and inviting.  As the night sky falls, the bistro lights begin to shine.  Your guests will enjoy dinner under the stars.  That is as romantic as it gets!

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Couple kissing under a sunset at Tanque Verde ranch.  A must see when exploring Tucson Venues.
Couple kissing under a sunset at Tanque Verde ranch.


Next up in exploring Tucson venues is Tanque Verde Ranch.  Tanque Verde Ranch has rustic charm.   This is one of Something Blue Photography‘s favorite locations to photograph.   Tanque Verde Ranch has panoramic scenery galore.  This ranch is so diverse and full of hidden surprises at each turn.   

There is a mesquite lined trail that screams romance and just begs you to hold hands and meander along its path.  The pond at Tanque Verde Ranch is surrounded by large trees. It has a wooden bridge that leads to a small island. If able to you have to ride up to the Old Homestead where it all began.  Many couples have their rehearsal dinner down at the Cotton Woods for a good ole fashion BBQ cowboy experience.  Your guests will thank you. Certainly, Sunsets photos are one of Something Blue’s specialties, therefore Tanque Verde Ranch is the place to view them.  If you meet us at our studio you will see some mind blowing photographs that hang proudly with some of the most colorful and majestic sunsets we have ever seen.

Lodging for your guest is all on site.  There is a range of rooms beautifully furnished with warm western charm.  They offer all inclusive food, horseback riding, and hikes galore.  You feel like you have entered the true Old West but with all the luxuries and pampering of a high end resort.  The food is amazing. We suggest that you wonder over to the Dog House saloon and try their habanero margarita or the prickly pear margarita.  They are to die for!!

Coming in November 2019 is The Barn at TQVD Ranch. It is nestled among the base of the Rincon Mountains and the National Saguaro State Park. It will be a rustic and modern venue with an equestrian touch.  It is a must see.

The Barn at TQVD Ranch.  Rustic and elegance all in one place

We are drawn to TQVD Ranch like bees to honey.

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Bride and Groom portrait at The Buttes at Reflections
Bride and Groom portrait at The Buttes at Reflections


The Buttes at Reflections wedding venue is one of our top pics for Wedding locations.  It is also Tucson’s favorite wedding venue for newly engaged couples. 

This wedding venue is nestled against Pusche Ridge Mountain and the views are spectacular.   When the sun is low the mountains can turn beautiful shades of red or a golden yellow.  They have many features that you will love including: great food, mountain views, green grass, quaint gazebo, lush Tucson desert and sunset views. 

Do not miss the night time photos at The Buttes at Reflections. The gazebo and overhead night lights can create a romantic and unforgettable night photograph for your wedding portfolio.  Most noteworthy,  The Buttes at Reflections staff is attentive and takes care of your every need with a gentle and loving touch.   Something Blue Photography always feels at home when we photograph at The Buttes at Reflections.  The Tucson venue offers a nice intimate feeling while able to accommodate large groups.

As you leave the inside venue and walk to the ceremony location you will stroll through  an always blooming  colorful garden path .  As you end the path your eyes will be lifted to the monumental presence of Pusche Ridge Mountainscape in front of you.

The men have a man cave with a pool table.  The pool table makes for some fun James Dean style photos late at night.  The ladies room is Victorian style with beautiful furnishing.  You will fall in love with this venue and we highly recommend it.

If you like Arizona Mountains, sunsets and romance then this is the wedding venue for you. 

Here is a link to our gallery featuring many weddings at The Buttes at Reflections.

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