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What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

A wedding has so many wonderful moments throughout the day. Some moments are small and others are momentous. Some events are humble and others hit the heart strings. The more traditional favorites is the Bride walking down the isle or the dress. We want to give a little attention to some of the smaller and sweet moments of the wedding day. Everyone seems to have an opinion as to which one is their favorite. What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

The First Look

Some couples opt for the First Look.  The first look may be a favorite part of a wedding day to many although it is not know by the guests.   The first is new to some.  This is a quiet moment set up for the two lovers to see each other prior to the ceremony.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the couple to spend more quality time together on a rather fast paced moving day.  The first look also allows the photographers to get more photos of the family and wedding party and slows down the pace of the day.
Something Blue sets the couple up in a quiet location.  The Groom-to-be has his back turned as to not peek at his blushing bride.  The bride stands in sweet anticipation with her gown straightened, hair pinned and caressing her cheeks, bouquet lightly held at her waist with her heart wildly pounding.  She softly touches his shoulder and the groom turns to witness the beauty before him. Their hearts race and dance as the anticipation climaxes.

[Photo taken at La Paloma]

first look between bride and groom

First look on the wedding day







First Touch

The First Touch is another new form of expression on the wedding day.  It is a refreshing and tender moment that is shared between the couple on the wedding day.  The couple does not want to see each other and prefers to keep the day more traditional.  However, they want to share a private and sentimental moment together.  Something Blue Photography would find a door or wall and place each of the two people on either side.  It is important that they do not see each other.  They gently reach their hand to the edge to reach for their partners touch.  They may share a few heartfelt words, prayers or letter to each other.  Their hearts race and beat faster as the anticipation revs up prior to the nuptials. 

[Photo taken at Saguaro Buttes]

Bride and groom touching hands but not seeing each other

Private first touch







The Grooms Face

Many say that seeing the Grooms Face or your soon-to-be spouses face as they watch their beloved come down the aisle is “THE” moment to watch for. Will the expression be one of joy and love; full of smiles.  Will their eyes be filled with tears of joy?  Does the excitement of this anticipated moment overwhelm them?  All eyes are upon the bride coming down the aisle, but some will turn to see the expression of the one waiting.

[Photo at Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch]

Grooms expression as his bride arrives

Viewing the expression of the groom as he greets his bride







The First Dance

To many the first dance is the pivotal moment and their favorite part of the wedding day.  The day has been filled with preparation, photos and formalities.  The first dance is between two people alone on the dance floor.  In the background is their favorite song whispering in their ears.  The couple embraces the other and falls more in love as they linger in each other’s eyes.  It is the first quiet moment that allows the couple to embrace each other alone in their own little wedding love bubble.

[Photo taken at The Buttes at Reflections]

First dance of the couple on the wedding day

First Dance







Cake Cutting

Cake Cutting may be the favorite activity of the fun loving guest.  This time of the night usually signifies the party is about to get started.  As the couple makes their way to cutting this sugary yumminess, guests begin to surround the couple.  They fumble through the formality and face each other with a chunk of cake in their fingers.  They are preparing to hand feed each other and the guests are cheering in the distance.  Will they be sweet and gently feed their partner or will there be a face smashed with cake?  Guests will be cheering their preference.  We always like to signal the end of this tradition and seal it with a kiss.  The guests delight with happiness and the dancing begins.

[Photo taken at The Buttes at Reflections]

bride and groom cutting cake at their reception

bride and groom cutting cake at their reception







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