Something Blue Wedding Photography

This lovely wedding features two of the nicest sweethearts ever, Gabrielle and Ron.  They were wed at Reflections at the Buttes.

Their colors were very subtle and natural – soothing. As you will see, Gabbi was carrying a little bundle of love. Wedding days are long, so the couple chose a unique take on comfort for the dogs (feet).

The day was beautiful with a clouds brewing in the distance, which just makes Pusche Ridge beautiful

As we are taking photos John the DJ aka drink order taker – LOL  brings the group some refreshments.  Thanks John, you are the best!!!!

The flowers were so unique. Petal free sunflowers. Who would of thought? But they were stunning. I loved the amazing arrangements created by Posh Petals. The cake was created by the amazing and talented Janie from Ambrosia.

Ron had an interesting take on removing the garder.

Kind of a side note.  If any of you out there in cyber world follow us at all, you know Jon and I have a large family and two beautiful granddaughters that we adore.  Well they were actually guests at this wedding.  We had to work while trying to avoid them as they ran around after us with their arms raised, saying…Nana-Papa.  It’s one word. But as any grandparent knows, there is no avoiding, it’s all hugs and kisses.

Oh, another side note:  I bought these dresses for this wedding at La Bella Flora Children Boutique .

Jon created this great photo of the Groom and all his buddies around the pool table.  Love it.

Thank you for spending a moment in the day of Gabbi and Ron.

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