Something Blue Wedding Photography

I do not understand the term: Bridezilla.  I can seriously state that after 9 years in this business we have not had one.  Yes, girls get stressed and such, but never mean or crazy.  We just seem to have the best couples EVER!!

Our next couple is the extreme opposite of such a word.  They are beaming with love, glowing with passion and giddy with happiness.  Take a moment and look at the expressions on both Chris and Jessica.  Jessica especially has a glow and smile that is unmatched on such a day.  This day we are at Reflections at the Buttes in Oro Valley.

Jessica gave her mom a jewelry box that said “Forever Your Little Girl and the date”.  Tears were a flowing (me) and mom was crying too.

Jessica and Chris chose to do a first……touch.  What an intense feeling knowing that the man/woman you love is on the other side of the door, but only a wall and a small touch separates you.  The anticipation is building.

How do you want to remember your wedding?  Me……I would want it like this.  Look at the fun, the expressions, and the love that bounces between this couple.

On to the reception and lot more smiles and fun.  They had a friend make this fun and whimsical cake. And they were nice……shucks.

Not only did Jessica get married this day, but she became a step-mommy.  Here is the some fun pics of the three amigos having a blast to celebrate the beginning of a new life.

What an amazing day.  What an amazing family.  We end here with some night shots and twinkle get away.  Congratulations and may you have a love-filled life every single day!!!!



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