Something Blue Wedding Photography

Victoria and Jose had a beautiful traditional wedding ceremony held at St. Thomas The Apostle Catholic and the glamorous Reception at Westward Look. Victoria was a stunning beauty and Jose was upstandingly handsome.  They are a perfect match.

Just before heading to the church, Victoria got into the limo as her parents saw her off.

Westward Look at night on a good sunset evening…….Hmmmm sigh.

Victoria’s wedding was filled with details and surprises around every corner.  Are you kidding me, rock candy hanging from a tree, a wishing tree for guests to send their wishes, and a couch for the couple to retreat to.  Just to mention a few things.  Cake was
designed by Village Bake House and flowers by Sav-On Flowers.

Victoria’s sister is a member to the dancing group that entertained the guests with their amazing traditional Mexican Folk dancing. I apologize for not remembering the name of the group. If anyone out there knows, please comment on this blog.

The groom had quite a few buddy’s from childhood and college.  What you are about to see was both fun and amazing to watch as the nightprogressed.  Boys will be Boys is all I have to say.

Drinks began to flow.  And well this is what happened.  And photos dont quite give it justice.  LOL.  PS……great set up by Westward Look.

You can only imagine the outtakes.

I leave you with a few pics of the couple.  It was such an amazing day and wedding and loved every minute of it.  Thanks for stopping by.

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