Something Blue Wedding Photography

JR and April were married at Reflections at the Buttes and what an amazing day it was!!!

As I go through the images for this wedding, I just smile.  You should of seen the way April lit up when JR was near.  If you were within range, you too would of smiled because their sense of humor and their love was infectious to all around.

Florist: Grace with Good Sunflower

Cake:  Busy B’s

JR had two hats.  One was his and one was his fathers who passed away.  The white hat was placed in the first row on the first seat to show that his presence was there.  It was a very touching.

There are many pivotal and emotional moments during a wedding day.  Most people would say that moment is when the bride approaches the groom on the decent to the isle.  Yes, this is a good one.  But sometimes the final kiss from dad as he hands is beloved daughter to his soon-to-be son-in-law is very moving as well and one of my favorites.

Love this little guy.  Is he squealing with joy because they are kissing or does he think the audience is clapping for him?  Either way it is the cutest thing and such a priceless moment.

Gold and Red adorned the reception with brilliant vibrancy.  It was Regal and elegant.

This was such a fun day for us and we hope you enjoyed JR and April’s sweet Wedding Day.

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