Something Blue Wedding Photography

Madelyn and Ben……WOW!!!  Are you ready for some amazing wedding details?  So many I literally cannot fit them all in.  Talk about personality, personalizing and character.  This wedding had it all!!!

Here are the players in today’s events:

Guys Team:  Super Hero’s

Ladies Team: The Bridesmaids/Men

Coach (Wedding Coordinator): The fabulous and ever-so creative Lucy Oliver with Unforgettable Event Planning

Manager:  Mom-Dana

Caterer:  Amelia Grey – Annette Hartman Catering- Amazing, creative, delicious!!!!

Host:  Corona Ranch, Rancho Merlito  and East Tucson Baptist Church 

The details:  So many you just have to see for yourself.  Vintage Ford Pick up Truck.  They took a shabby chic dresser and filled it with momentos from Madelyn and Ben’s childhood:  Photos, favorite storybook, hair brush, etc.

Signs and Quotes abounded everywhere.  Vintage, Chic and ohhhhh so delicious.  Cannot wait to share it all.

One of the best Dad’s first looks ever and …… priceless moment.  Yes, she is a daddy’s girl.  Fun Fact:  Ben asked Madelyn’s father for her hand in marriage three times before her dad said yes.

Right before Madelyn went down the aisle her grandmother presented a handkerchief to her.  Grandma used this when she was wed 61 years ago.  Madelyn’s mother and her aunts also had this special token for their weddings.

Here are some more of the details.  Seriously, so cute.  Bride-Tini and Groom-a-Rita were signature drinks along with a Gourmet Popcorn bar.  Vintage Claw tub sporting all the drinks.  Corn-hold board game for guests on the lawn.  Come on this is off the charts.

Ben and Madelyn play guitar.  Mom and Dad bought a guitar and had the wedding party sign it.  It was presented to the couple during the reception.  Madelyn and Ben made each other a personalize plate written with their vows and it was given to each other at the sweetheart table.

The happy couple prefers yummy pie.  So it was just fitting to have a pie bar with vintage dishes.  A friend created the tutu finish around the table.  Madelyn’s dad always called her sweetie pie.  The wonderfully delicious pies and vintage plates were from Annette Hartmen Catering.

The drinking vessel below was bought in 1972 in Germany and has been used at all family weddings since.  As the story goes:  A Popper fell in love with a Princess.  He asked the King for his daughters hand in marriage.  The King said no.  But the Popper would not give up.  Finally the King said that if you can devise a cup that they both could drink out of at the same time then he could have her hand in marriage.  The Popper was determined and created this two sided drinking vessel.  The tradition is that the first to finish will rule the roost.  Looks like Madelyn won and will have the upper hand.

So much dancing, laughing and good times had by all.  This is the first family that I’ve encountered that had their own family song, which they cheered and chanted out loud for about 5 minutes.  It was crazy and awesome all at the same time.

Madelyn and Ben left the reception with glowing balloons leading the way to their get-a-way car.  What a fabulous day.  What planning, what details, what a dream come true.


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