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Something Blue’s view is that every wedding should be decorated, themed and embrace the views of the couple getting married.   Every couple should strive to create a wedding vision that tells the world about their relationship.  There are many bullet points that are met during the day: Ceremony, centerpieces, table settings, signing book and the like.   Striving to make those items stand out is what we would like to discuss.   Let your imagination free and stray away from the norm.  Lets talk about some ideas. We hope it will trigger ideas with creative juices to make your wedding unique.

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Letters for you Tucson is a locally owned company that specializes in making a big statement. Larger than life lighted up letters will make the statement piece you were hoping for.   Use the letters during your reception and request your photographer to use them in some photos with the two of you.  This is the perfect way to make your wedding unique and stand out

Large neon letters that read Mr. and Mrs. for wedding reception
Large Neon Lights


There are the overabundance of couples that do love cake.  Me too!  The cake is probably the second biggest statement pieces in a wedding outside of the brides dress.  This is where the majority of couples make their wedding unique.  I have yet to see any two cakes be the same.  Jaimie Cakes created one of my favorite cakes of all time, the geode cake as show below.   Village Bake House is another cake designer and baker in Tucson that we love.  Both have stellar reputations and you should check them out.

Geode style wedding cake
Geode style wedding cake


You may really love cake or want to stay traditional.  If this is the case then a personalized cake topper may be the perfect way to make your wedding unique.  If you are planning your wedding then Etsy is probably your friend and one of the most popular locations to find one of kind cake toppers. 

NO CAKE PLEASE             

Not everyone is a fan of cake so you say NO to the cake.  Move out of your comfort zone and go with a treat you love.  Your guests would love a stack or wall of glazed doughnuts.  Brownies are your jam then give them a browning bar.  Do you have a sweet tooth then maybe a table full of your favorite chocolates and candy is the idea you need to run with.  Nothing is as good as good ole fashion American pie; apple, peach, blueberry or banana.  Let your taste buds lead the way.  Be creative in the way you decorate your sweet table too.  Decorate with cute signs explain each treat or us a sign that states that “Love is Sweet”.  There are a million ways to showcase treats for your guests.

Use a Doughnut or brownie tower for alternative to wedding cake.  Tower with stacked doughnuts or brownies.
Doughnut or brownie tower


Your guests have been dancing the night away while having a few cocktails and their tummies are beginning to rumble.  Nothing delights a wedding guest like a late night snack.   Tucson is famous for your Sonoran dogs.  What would everyone think when a Sonoran dog food truck rolled up and started serving them tasty Sonoran hot dogs with all the digs.  That definitely would make your wedding unique.  Perro Loco Hot Dog

Why not treat your guests to homemade and cutely packaged cotton candy that is color coordinated with your wedding colors.  You do not have a sweet tooth, then maybe a popcorn bar with everything they can imagine to make their treat complete.  A popcorn bar with chocolate chips, caramel syrup, peanuts, sprinkles, jalapeno seasoning,  gummy bears, and on and on the list can go on.

Cotton Candy for late night snacks at wedding.
Cotton Candy for late night snacks at wedding


Signing books of past were small blank books that requested people to sign their name.   BORING!  The signing book/item is a simple way to make your wedding unique. Have a family member cut the first letter of your new last name out of wood, allow the guests to sign the letter and then hang this bad boy on your wall in your home to treasure for all time.  You love wine then have your guests sign an empty wine barrel and turn it into a coffee table in your home.  Games are your thing, then bring wooden Jenga game pieces for guest to sign.  We have come across many painted trees that are framed.  Guests are asked to use their thumb prints to make the leaves and sign their name next to it.  This would be a lovely piece to hang in your home.

Cut out wooden letter for your singing board
Cut out wooden letter for your singing board
Signing barrel at wedding in place of a book.  Use as a table in your new home.
Signing barrel at wedding


Something Blue can create a special one of a kind signing book that uses photos from your engagement session in a year book fashion, but much better.  Guests can view your stunning images and leave you witty and love filled messages for you to read for years to come.  Something Blue also offers a signing board.  This is a 16×24 white matte with a black frame and an 8×10 cut out in the middle.  Something Blue will use an image from your engagement session for the center photo and guests sign around the image. 

Signing book with engagement photos
Signing book with engagement photos
Signing board with matte and frame
Signing board with frame


A  Unity ceremony takes place during the wedding ceremony.  The most common one we have send is the sand ceremony which expresses the coming together of two people or two families into one new family.  It is a very simple idea that can be incredibly powerful.  Recently we have seen wine boxes or love letter boxes where the couple open on their one year anniversary or when they face adversity.  Our favorite unity celebration is when the couple has a branding iron with their initials.  The branding iron is placed in a fire pit and the couple together brands a piece of wood.  Three strands of string waiting to be braided by the couple is another unity ceremony we have seen.  Usually the strands are three different colors.  One is for the bride, one is for the groom and one is for God, thus creating a trinity of unity.

Branding iron for the unity ceremony.  Have branding iron made with couples initials.  Heat branding iron and have couple brand a piece of wood for their home.  This happens during the ceremony
Branding iron for the unity ceremony


Last week the very talented and gorgeousAtelier de LaFleur created this lovely champagne wall.  Each glass had a personalized tag showing the guests where they would be seated.  Wow, what an impact of glamour that gave the reception.

Let’s say you are a little more of a geek.  I say that with love as we are total Star Wars geeks too.  This couple used Storm troopers to hold each guest name.  Bonus each guest took one home.  Another couple loves Disney and each of the guests had a personalized fast pass that they would match to the table number in the reception.  These ideas are just so few and I could go on for days.

Champagne wall and table assignment.  Large background covered in greenery and topped with flowers.  Champagne flutes hanging with table assignment tags.
Champagne wall and table assignment


We have just scratched the surface of being creative on your wedding day.  Our goal was to inspire and get you thinking outside the box.  Now you got this, go MAKE YOUR WEDDING UNIQUE!!

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