Something Blue Wedding Photography

Kerry and Cameron’s elaborate wedding was designed around Marie Antoinette. The Queen of France is best remembered for her legendary extravagance.  Kerry infused a little of this glam into her wedding day.

Cameron as you will see has a Stache… Mustache that is.  As co-workers tried to get him to shave it off, Kerry would not have it.  So it became an inside joke and a side theme for the men.  I love the vest and bracelet.  I think it adds a bit of intrigue to the theme.

All this lavish wedding bliss took place at Reflections at the Buttes.

Cameron made this beautiful love note box with his own hands.  Cameron and Kerry wrote each other a love note, sealed it and put it in the love box for safe keeping.  If ever their marriage goes through a rocky place they are to open the box and read the letters they wrote each other.

Kerry created all the bridesmaids hair pieces and chokers.

A friend of theirs created this one of a kind desert stand out of rebar.

Thank you for stopping in and enjoying another story by Something Blue Photography.  Congratulations Cameron and Kerry.  May your lives be blessed from her until eternity.


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