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If ever there was a wedding that put a smile on our faces ear to ear…..this was it. The color, the spirit, the culture, the love…….

Ijeoma and Michael are both from Nigeria. They wanted to give homage to their native home traditions as well as having a Western style wedding. We spent two days with them and their family. The first day was more of the Nigerian stylized wedding.

The family and friends came from all over the world. Many family members traveled all the way from Nigeria. As we found out, many of the families
dressed according to the area of Nigeria that their families were from. We learned so much and were in ahhhh of the traditions that they do to
make a wedding so special.

The women wore this ornate and beautifully styled head ware. Each twisted, molded and created this jewel of a crown to complement their dresses.

I will try to give as accurate information as I can, but please forgive if my details are off in any way.

The food was to die for. All homemade and true to the Nigerian culture. UMMMM yes, it was yummy and we tried it all!!!

In the Nigerian tradition, the groom’s family (father) will ask the bride’s family for their daughters hand in marriage. The groom and his groomsmen bow before the Bride’s family requesting her hand in marriage. The Bride’s family must then present their daughter to the Grooms family. But as tradition goes, they present many girls to the Grooms father. With each girl that is presented, the Grooms father, politely declines, stating this are not the flower for my son.

Once the Bride is presented to the Grooms father and he happily accepts the couple are brought together and prayed over.

Even though this all seems so serious, there was actually so much humor and bantering going on between the families.

The couple then changes into the beautiful new wedding attire that reflect the grooms family.

With formalities completed, it was all party, dancing and music.  One of the best traditions ever is the throwing of money at the couple.  All of the guests generously threw dollars at the bride and groom for good luck.  I think this is something that should happen at every wedding.

There were so many events and wonderful moments throughout the night. I wish I could share them all. One of my favorite of the night was the (mosh pit) I mean picture taking during the dancing. Michael and Ijeoma were like movie stars. All the guests wanted pictures with them and they
wanted on the dance floor. So I stood among the crowd, shoulder to shoulder, we swayed to the left and the right as Mike and Ij posed with each family member. I seriously could not wipe the smile off my face if I tried.

The Western wedding was held at Reflections at the Buttes and I will be doing part two in a few days. PS. Can you see me? LOL

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