Something Blue Wedding Photography

Something Blue loves engagement sessions.  We get to know our clients just a little bit better.  We just had a blast with Paige and Gregg.  Fun, loving and adventuress comes to mind when I think of them.  Paige is originally not from Arizona and just absolutely loves the Saguaro.  It usually is the people that move here from other states that appreciate the beauty of our desert the most.  I love it when I see people appreciate our uniqueness.

At the end of this session, I asked Paige if I could be her best friend.Gregg and Paige just had this infectious loving presence and very interesting people.

They are tying the knot this weekend at St. Ann’s and we are over the top excited.  I will be re-united with my new best friend. ….. Whether she likes it or not.  Happy Planning and have a wonderful weekend.

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