Something Blue Wedding Photography

Weddings are so much fun for us and our couples never disappoint. You put two people that absolutely love each other and surround them with friends and family.  Viola…Pure wedding Heaven.  Today we share with you special wedding of Scott and Julee at the rustic and hidden Tucson treasure; Tanque Verde Ranch.

The birds were singing, leaves were rustling, skies were blue and smiles were upon everyone.  It was the perfect day for “I Do’s”.  Julee and Scott chose to do a first look.  This gave us ample opportunities for oodles of photographs.  These two silly kids were full of humor, laughter and good times.  If you were attending this occasion, there was no doubt you would have a great time.

The sweet talents of Katie of Posh Petals were on hand to create the fresh bloom bouquet.  Angelic sounds of harp encompassed us during the ceremony by Christine Vivona.

Now go ahead and enjoy this boot-scootin good time.

They chose to do a wine and love letter box.  They nailed it with love during the ceremony.  If at any time they need reminded of the reasons they were wed then they are to open the box, read the letters over a glass of wine.  If love abounds and there is never a reason to open the box, then they will enjoy it on their 10th anniversary.

As we were finishing up some photos at the pond, I noticed this miniature praying mantis on the grooms back.  There is belief if a praying mantis lands on you that they bring good luck or it will bring peace and calmness in your life.  Either way, I am sure these two love birds will have both in their journey together.

RIJ was our dj for the night and did a fabulous job keepin the jams flowing.

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