Something Blue Wedding Photography

Jody and Micah are getting married this fall.  They both are big billiard players so we had to incorporate their love of the game.  We met up at their favorite billiards spot for some play time.  As I am putting this story together I learned a few things about billiards.  They have a lot of funny terms that could be construed as rude or funny depending on who you are.  I am liking this game even more.  Here are a few terms: BALL IN HAND, BED OF TABLE, BUTT OF CUE, HICKEY, and RACK.

SCRATCH: To score a point largely by accident, due to an unanticipated kiss, unplanned time-shot, etc.

There is Kissing in Billiards?  Why yes.  KISS SHOT: A shot in which more than one contact with object balls is made by the cue ball.

We had a great time getting to know these two love birds and even more excited about their wedding.

We headed up to Windy Point and we do now understand where it got its name from.  Ohhhhh soooooo windy.  But if you catch it on the right night, you also get mind blowing sunsets.  Enjoy.

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