Something Blue Wedding Photography

I am going to share a wedding very close to my heart.  This is one of my cousins, Rayette.  Growing up I was very close to my cousins.  Our dads farmed together so we spent many summer days out on the farm making a few extra dollars.  I always get a kick out of my cousin’s names…..Dawnette, Rayette, Lanette, Annette, Shawnette and Larry.  I was always George-ette and my sister would go by Steph-ette so that we would fit in.

Rayette and Richard and all of the many family and friends joined them on this special day to unite their family.

This is Rayettes Favorite image because of the cross in the clouds.

They chose to do a first look so that we could get most of the photos done prior to the ceremony.  They each have 3 children and many doggies (who also had to be included).

LOVE the bottom of the dress and the pop of red with the shoes.

Rayette and Richard used a park setting with the Pusche Ridge Mountains as the backdrop.

This is my favorite part:  Family pics.  I love this group of people so much.  Look for me (Georgina) I have a cameo in one of the pics.  See if you can find me.  Da, had to dance a little.  It’s my Family.


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