Something Blue Wedding Photography

True love is a precious thing. Gregory and Christine found it and today is the day they make it official to the world. The entire wedding party was in tip top shape for a great time. Laughter and goofing off was just how it was.

You will love the details: Groom/Groomsmen superhero cuff links, chalkboard signs at the ceremony and bells ringing when they consummated the vows with a kiss.

Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch is the perfect place for a Tucson wedding and their food is to die for.  Guests were treated to a cool evening under the moon.

Christine’s son was a big part of the day. To make it more special, he had a group of friends that came to support him. So we had a mini session for him and his friends.

Some weddings are a little quirky-er than others. This was just one of those fun days. Jon was totally photo-bombed here.

Cake……who needs cake? Donuts are more how this couple ROLLS.

Something Blue provided the Photo booth that was a BIG hit. Put a funny hat and glasses on any person of any age and they become a kid. There is no escaping it. It’s like magic.

What an amazing day. We had a great time and know that these two hearts are one forever.

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