Something Blue Wedding Photography


Need a little pick-me-up or a cup of Joe.  This is the wedding to do just that.  Rob and Sarah LOVES coffee almost as much as they love each other.I would bet it would almost be a tie.  So that is why coffee had a strong presence and pretty much the theme of today’s wedding.As you arrived at Reflections at the Buttes you were welcomed by the cutest coffee truck and the fresh aroma of coffee.  If you want a unique and special touch for your wedding you need to call Peddler on the Path for your wedding. 520-979-2117.

Colors were…..(wait for it)…..Coffee Brown and Purple. Coffee beans were creatively placed throughout the reception.  The cake again followed in the same theme.  You are going to love this story.  Go get a cup for yourself and enjoy.

I am absolutely obsessed by this quaint and quirky coffee truck.  The owner – Jaime, was a great guy and ready to make whatever your heart desired.Peddler on the Path. 520-979-2117.

After a cup of Joe,  Sarah was ready to dance the night away.

Ummmm, any one like the Pusche Ridge Mountains?????…….Yes and Thank you! Beautiful.  Who needs a studio when you have this for your wedding?

We looooooooooooove Sparklers.We love being creative and fun.  And yes, this is done in one shot in camera and we show you right there. Wouldn’t that be amazing blown up into a 20×30 in your new home!!!!

The wedding party needed Sarah and Rob to leave in style so they added a few coffee cups on the tail gate.  Nothing says just married like tissue paper and coffee cups.LOVE it!!!!

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