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Are you a bride-to-be finalizing your wedding-day details? With the average cost of a wedding around $40,000, you want to get everything right for your big day!

One of your biggest expenses is a professional wedding photographer. You’ve paid for the best, and you’re ready to go. 

Your photographer will catch most of these common problems. But it’s up to you to work with your photographer so they know what’s important to you. 

Take a look at our wedding photography tips and avoid these common but annoying wedding photography mistakes.

Sign the Contract 

Whether you’re the photographer or the couple, it’s important everyone signs the photo contract. 

Include a detailed description of all included photo services. Make sure there’s a breakdown of all fees and the payment schedule. 

The date, time, and location of the day’s events should also be on the contract. Make sure the cancellation policy is clear.

Finalize the Wedding Day Schedule

The photographer and couple must go over the wedding day photo shoot schedule together. The photographer knows which times of the day are best for photos.

If your wedding is in the middle of the day, there could be harsh light and shadows. The photographer’s job is much harder under these conditions. 

For these reasons, let the photographer guide you in determining the photo schedule.

Send a Photo You like

Do you like the way you look in some photos and not others? Give the photographer some samples of photos in which you like the way you look. 

Also, send photos in which you don’t like the way you look. Make it clear which ones you like and don’t like. The photographer will do his best to capture you the way you like best.

Some angles are more flattering than others. Rest assured your photographer knows this!

Respect the Schedule

You’ve finalized the schedule. The photographer knows how you like you like to look in photos. Now make sure you all stick to the schedule as much as possible. 

There are always small snags and hitches. But sticking to the schedule helps the couple and the photographer get the best photos possible. 

Discuss Poses

If you have certain poses you must have, tell the photographer. A photographer has many poses from which to choose. He’ll do what he thinks looks best for you. 

But it’s not a bad idea to look through websites like Pinterest and find the poses you love. Photographers like new ideas and they want to please the client. 

Go Over Your Shot List

Don’t forget a shot list. If it’s important that Aunt Sally not be pictured with Uncle Bob, then make sure the photographer knows this. 

Also, discuss ahead of time if you have certain photos you don’t want. Do you despise wide-angle close-ups of your face? Let him know ahead and not at the moment he’s taking the photo. 

Photographers like getting creative, and they don’t want you to tell them not to take a shot as they’re taking it.  

Write the list on paper and make several copies for the day of the wedding. Think of the most important photo groupings for you.

The photographer will also make suggestions. Professional wedding photographers have experience and know what types of portraits everyone wants. 

Designate a Wedding Photo Coordinator

You don’t need to hire a wedding photo coordinator. Choose a good friend or one of your relatives for this position. This is the person who’s in charge of the shot list.

It should be someone who knows everyone on the list or at least knows who all the major players are. She’ll still have fun at the wedding! She needs to be there for the main photo sessions.

She’ll guide people to the photographer when it’s time. And she’ll let the photographer know if he’s missing a shot from the list. 

Don’t Skip the First Look

There are lots of opinions when it comes to the First Look. But if it works for your schedule, it’s a good idea. It offers some one-of-a-kind photo opportunities.

After the ceremony ends, your guests are waiting for your first appearance. The longer you take with photos at this stage of the game, the more impatient your guests become. 

The First Look offers you an unhurried chance to enjoy seeing each other for the first time in your beautiful wedding attire. 

The First Look is usually for the bride and groom and their parents. It’s also for the full wedding party. Scope out a cool location near the wedding venue. Don’t forget to ask the photographer for his opinion. 

If you take lots of First Look photos, then you won’t spend as much time after the ceremony taking pictures.

Don’t Wait!

One of the most important tips is to book your photographer early. Good photographers book up to a year in advance. If you wait until the last minute, you might not get the photographer you want. 

Don’t Forget Small Details

A professional photographer notices details. But even a professional misses little things in the hustle and bustle of the moment. 

Make sure the bridal suite has at least one area that remains uncluttered for photos. 

Is the photographer sneaking in a few photos of the dinner scene before the reception? Make sure the water glasses are right side up so they look like they were taken in real time. 

Move tall table numbers for the photos.

Ask guests to please leave their smartphones in their pockets and purses. You don’t want your beautiful wedding photos full of people with phones in their faces. 

Wedding Photography Tips for a Hassle-Free Day

Follow these wedding photography tips and enjoy your big day! 

Pick your photographer and sign a contract. Make sure all the details are spelled out.

Finalize your wedding day schedule and send the photographer a photo of yourself that you like. Also, include a photo of yourself you don’t like.

Respect the schedule!

Go over your shot list and choose someone as the photo coordinator. If possible, don’t skip the First Look. And don’t forget the little details!

Contact us here if you’re ready to book your wedding photographer. 

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