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I am so excited to bring you the wedding of Kendra and Matt. They did so many things different and unique to them. Our favorite kind of wedding. The day took place at the historic and amazing Tanque Verde Ranch in East Tucson. Both of them are Geologists. A career after Jon’s heart. There was sweetness to the entire day, including the yummy light.  You will love the creative touches.

Kendra had her great grandparents ring melted to create her one of a kind ring, necklace and earrings. Matt’s father had passed away a couple years earlier. To keep his memory close he kept his father’s ring as his wedding band.

One of our favorite parts of the day was the entrance of their college school friends. They brought them in on……what else….A School Bus. Complete coolness.

Serenaded by a sole violinist (a dear friend of the couple), the guests were escorted into the middle of the desert. That’s right, the MIDDLE. No chairs except for the parents and grandparents. Guest circled the couple as they gave their vows to each other. The atmosphere was open yet so close. The family and friends had only nature in a 360 degree view. It was breath taking.>

The reception was just as unique and wonderful as the rest of the day. Wild flower seed packets were left for each guest at their seat. The wonderful and yummy cake and sweet cupcakes were created by our buddy – Janie from Ambrosia.

My very very very favorite part of the day was the 3 piece string band playing foot stoppin music for the guest to square dance to. There was a caller leading the rows of excited guest in the coordinated and technical dance. Guest had to go in waves because everyone wanted to take part. You couldn’t get them off the floor. I had a hard time not joining. It seriously was one of the funniest receptions I have witnessed. The string band is called Pima County All Stars.  Contact is Jim McConnell at 520-977-0166

We took the bouquet toss to the top of the stairs.  Jon took the arial view.  The funny thing is she through the bouquet so high we could not find it in any pictures.  But we do know who caught it, or didn’t.  LOL.

Matt’s mother and her two best friends did a traditional rap song for the couple.  It had Matt in stitches.  We all felt the love.

It was a fun day with so many special surprises.  We loved this wedding and hope you enjoyed it as well.

Happy Planning!!!


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