Something Blue Wedding Photography

Those of us that live in Tucson dream of having a destination wedding near the ocean, in the mountains or in a foreign land. Strangely, some of those who live in those places, dream of having their wedding in the desert. We Tucsonans, just find this hard to believe. But look around. We live in a lush and unique desert. Different than any other place on Earth. We are outdoors 90% of the year. So why do we find this so hard to believe?

We have had the pleasure of being a part of many weddings where Tucson is the Destination. This next wedding is just that. Keith and Corinne live in New Hampshire.  They wanted a desert, nice climate and horses. So what better place to choose than the little hidden nugget of Tanque Verde Ranch.

Corrine has two daughters and the couple was joined by a handful of close family members. They were able to have their wedding and honeymoon with their favorite.

Since the wedding party and guest were on a small scale they were able to choose a very special location for the ceremony.  The island at the pond.  It was serene to be surrounded by the water and nature in every direction.  It was a very special moment seeing this family come together in this special union.

Is it just me or do cowboy boots and wedding dresses just seem to be natural?  I get it.  It’s not for everyone.  But I love the red boots that Corrine s wearing.

We really enjoyed getting to know this family.  Thank you for coming to Tucson. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful day.  We wish your family much happiness and laughter for the the rest of your lives.


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