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This story is a little longer than most. This is a three part blog. We fell in love with this couple during their engagement session. Vu and Linda are pure at heart and some of the nicest people you will ever meet. First we start with Linda and Vu’s Engagement session. A little bit of urban, church and twinkling night lights. Three outfits and some amazing images.

This is about a couple that wanted to celebrate their day with family and with tradition.   You will see a stylized blend of Vietnamese, Indonesian and American cultures, So the beginning of the day we will show the Vietnamese/Indonesian celebration and traditions.  Then we will go to Saguaro Buttes to celebrate more in American style with some touches reflecting their heritage.  Both celebrations were methodically thought out and well executed with beautiful details and personal touches.

Their story was featured in the Tucson Bride and Groom Magazine in the last issue.  Take a look at the magazine.

Some of the amazing wedding professionals we spent the day with were:

Maragrita Go Diva

Stephanie of Black Sheep Filmworks.  Follow this link to see a little segment of the wonderful day.

Villa Feliz Flowers

Linda and Vu wore traditional and beautiful authentic formal wear from thier home country. They were stunning. We begin the day at Linda and Vu’s Home where the Grooms family bring gifts to their Brides family and show respect to the family and their ancestors. Each aspect of the ceremony has a special meaning and is passed on from generation to generation.

Once the ceremonies were over, Vietnamese food was served…….And Oh was it Good!!!!!!!!!!!! Off to Saguaro Buttes we went. Linda changed into her next gown. She added a special touch of a succulent in her hair. Once again Margarita Go Diva was there to add her special touches and magic. This is one of my favorite shots of the day…. Vu striding down the isle. He is happy, proud and enjoying the day.

They chose to do an alternative symbol for unity. They each had a goldfish is their own containers. Then they combined them into one vessel. Love the uniqueness. The introduction was so sweet and and heartfelt. Vu played the guitar and Linda entered the reception as they sang a love duet together. Linda changes into dress number 3 for the fun night of dancing.

I wish I could keep going, but I think that is enough for now. We hop you enjoyed this amazing story of two amazing people.

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