Something Blue Wedding Photography

Stevie and Michelle big wedding day was here.  Teams were picked and the games were to begin.  We started out the day at Corpis Christi Catholic Church for the ceremony, A beautifully designed church with great architecture.

The reception was held at StarDance.  If you have not been there, you need to go visit.  It is unique to the wedding scene in Tucson as it is one of the only barn style venues here.  Rincon Market is the caterer and the food is phenomenal.  This sweet venue is nestled up against Sombrero Peak on the NW side of Tucson.

Stevie and Michelle’s wedding party was a crazy bunch and just raring to have a blast.  We had so much fun and hope you enjoy all the details, beauty and fun.

Off to Starr Dance we go for some more amazing photos.

Here we have Venus vs. Mars.  Jon and I were each taking photos separately of each group, but when I looked over at the men……LOL it was too funny.  I think this pretty much sums up every wedding day and well, life in general.

The details of the reception were amazing.    Vintage meets Romance.  Michelle worked hand in hand with Kelly and StarDance.  Between the ideas and items that Michelle brought and the centerpieces that Kelly had, the Reception was warm, inspiring and romantic.  I absolutely am in love with the Polaroid signing book.


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