Something Blue Wedding Photography

This was our view for 4 days.  Poor us.  The cabin over looked the majestic Grand Lake in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  This amazing destination wedding was for Lauren and Nick.  When you take us along for a destination wedding you get more than just a day of wedding coverage.  In this case they got 3 days.  3 Days filled with laughter, fun and tons of photos.  We arrived to the cabin and the view was breath taking to say the least.  We gathered every one and took a few portraits.

Along the way we encountered a few new friends…..Mr. Moose and Mrs. Elk

This is Shaydan, the flower girl.  She wanted to make a special gift for Lauren.  She took so much care in creating this natural flower heart.  It was just precious.

Day two:  We awaken to some visitors in the front of the cabin.  A couple curios fawns playing.  We also were treated with some aquatic friends near the dock.  Then we were off to some morning hiking with the girls.  Adams Falls showcased amazing waterfalls and mountain tops.

Returning to the cabin it was time to create the bouquets.  It was a group project, but the outcome was worth the work.  Some of us worked harder than others.  LOL

Day three is to be the busiest of all.  We start the morning out with the rehearsal and then back to the cabins for preparation of the wedding.  A Rocky Mountain wedding wouldn’t be complete without smores, cowboy boots, Camo Vests and Cowboy hats.  The boutonnieres were made out of bullet casings.

As we were leaving the cabin for the ceremony, we  were surprised with the visit of a big Black Bear.  Oh my.  With camera in hand, Jon and Georgina ran after the bear for photos……Obviously not thinking.  The chase was all they could think about until the bear stopped and looked at them and then they realized…..Ohhhh shishkabobs…….um that was stupid.  Thankfully the bear was more interested in getting the heck out of Dodge.  But ohhhhhhh what a beautiful creature.

The ceremony was beautiful and Lauren was stunning.

Shaydan, the flower girl is a gymnast and did back hand springs down the aisle in celebration of the union.

The story of the day will be the one that they tell their children and their grandchildren.  Nick was outside the reception hall talking with guests.  He was talking and playing with his new wedding band on his hand.  When all of a sudden, the worst thing that could happen did……..the ring fell off.  And, yes, as luck would have it, it fell between the boards on the boardwalk.  Oh my…….  Guests kept Lauren inside and told her to hang tight, but not letting her know of Nick’s dilemma.  The men tried magnets, sticks and what ever there was near……NOTHING worked.  Then they realized they had to pull up the boards.  But they have been there for a century or so.  Screw drivers were not budging the boards.  They had to pull out the big guns.  More guests start to gather and about 30 minutes passed when they decided to let Lauren in on the debacle.  She was cool as a clam and not worried at all.  The board finally came up and the ring recovered.  Whew……What a story.

They went on to dance all night long and had a great time in good ole cowboy fashion.

Thanks for sharing in our Colorado Rocky Mountain Wedding Adventure.  So I leave you with a photo of Jon and Georgina…..because….well why not.  We worked hard that weekend and love our J.O.B…….

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