Something Blue Wedding Photography

We love this couple.  We hit it off right away at their engagement session.  They are full of compassion and love and it radiates off of them both.

Rob and Sarah’s wedding ceremony took place at Corpus Christi Catholic Church and the reception was at Skyline Country Club nestle up against the Catalina Mountains with exquisite views.

The ceremony is at the beautiful Corpus Christi Church.

Following the ceremony we head over to Skyline Country Club for a few more photos and the reception.

Sarah and Rob were very hands on and with the help of some family members they came up with some very creative and dramatic designs.One of my favorite ideas with a HUGE visual impact was the large photos hanging on the walls in the back ground.  They took images from their engagement session to a office store and had them enlarged on engineering paper.  They applied them to foam board and with a little up lighting by Fantastic Five Entertainment – Walaaaaaa!!!  Huge Impact!!!

Keep an eye out for the Wedding party’s mascot.  Hint:  HooooHoooo

This unusual; yet extremely creative guest signing book idea ROCKED!!!    (bahhhhhha)

A little shout out to our good friend Phil and amazing DJ with Fantastic Five Entertainment.  Rockin the night away!!!

(Celebrity sighting:  Richard Carmona – 17th urgeon General of the United States and Grooms father)

What an amazing day filled with love, laughter and family.  We hope you enjoyed this beautiful love story and come back soon.



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