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It’s no secret that Jon and I love what we do and do what we love.  It is weddings like this one that bring that incentive home to the heart.  We met meg and Ryan at our studio.  A quiet sweet couple planning a wedding.  We fell in love with them right away.  In our conversations we learned among other things that meg loves books and Ryan loves his whiskey.  They planned on some sweet details that represented their personalities which you will see shortly.

I start this story off with the proposal.  Ryan had a pretend newspaper created with the headlines reading “Local Boy Shocks Long Time Girlfriend with Engagement Ring!” And I believe had it delivered to her over dinner.   So Ryan is a bit of a romantic.

Just incase any of you are wondering why I spell meg with a lower case.  That is because that is how she likes to spell it.  It’s not a typo.

The wedding day took place at Corona Ranch.  They are under new management and the place looks great.

Ryan also loves his boots and his cowboy hat, so this was infused into the scheme of the wedding.  meg too wore cute boots too.  Ryan and meg chose to do a first meeting so that we could get many of the photos done prior to the ceremony.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding at Corona Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. The adorable flower girl is their daughter and I love the use of the cowboy hat for the flower petals.

The details were just so cute and fitting for this couple. Each table had a stack of hard covered books. On each stack of books was a whiskey bottle filled with wild flowers. Everything from the garter to the spurs on the ring bearer’s boots was specially chosen for this sweet western wedding. They handed out packets of love in burlap stamped bags. Match books, mugs and other small gifts were printed with the couples name and date.

At the end of the night, we took meg and Ryan and did a little different take on our night photos.  Hope you like.

meg wrote us  the sweetest letter following the wedding.  So I thought I would share:

The photos are awesome, and creative, and wonderful, and gorgeous, and sweet, and amazing, and stunning, and so much more.

 Everyone who has seen them thinks they are sooo great.  My maid of honor said that they were great and that she was “very  impressed.”

 Ryan’s sister and one of my bridesmaids said that she loved them and was  going to order this great one of us “even though you were like making out.”  🙂

 My mom, of course, got teary-eyed. “Oh, I love this one.” [next slide]”Ohh, I really love this one.” [next slide] “Oh, they did such awonderful  job.” [etc.etc.]

Ryan is thrilled that Jon was able to “make dorks like us look cool.”

 My mom has shown people at work and they all loved them, more people cried.

 And Ryan was so excited to see them that he wanted to check the day before and then the night before they were scheduled to be up. Then the next  morning, I went over to my mom’s and I got there and she said, “They’re not  up yet.” Then five minutes later Ryan called to tell me they were up. So  you should know that my whole family knew that they were going to be amazing photographers and were waiting as patiently as I can expect from  them for the photos to get posted. Everyone was so impressed with you guys  at the wedding and with the engagement photos that they couldn’t wait to  see the wedding pictures.

 THANKS SO MUCH!! I wish we could have you guys do pictures for us all the  time.
They are so creative and they make us look so good which is awesome because we both always feel like we don’t look good in pictures. But then  you two come along and waa-la. Oh, I have so much more that I could say to  praise you guys and thank you guys but I know that this is already a  pretty-long winded email.

 .meg and Ryan Hanson.


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