Something Blue Wedding Photography

This next wedding is sure to brighten your day.  Some people are inspired by music or art,  but it is bright beautiful colors that bring joy to Christy and John.  Their wedding is filled with uplifting pops of Pink and Yellow with details and touches I have never seen before.  The combination of color inspiration just brings a smile to your face. This definitely had the WOW-Factor.

The lawn was littered with over sized board games for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour.

Bright paper airplanes were used as the seating chart.  Vibrant colored candy bar for the guests to sweeten their pallet.  Even the champagne was pink.

Make sure to make it to the end where Something Blue Photography dazzled the couple with some one of a kind night photographs and light painting.

Enjoy this fun filled Saguaro Buttes Wedding in Tucson, Arizona.



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