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Swanky Groomsmen Gifts that will never go out of style

If you’re to ask around for ideas on groomsmen gifts you can buy, you’ll get the stale old cufflinks and neckties suggestions. And since you know the boys all too well, you know such boring gifts won’t tickle their fancy.

So, what should you go for instead?

Looking for something swanky can often be misinterpreted for getting the craziest and oddest gifts in the offing. But that’s not the case.

You can still get a reasonable gift, provided it’s timeless and will never run out of style. And in this piece, we’ve listed a few of these you should look at. So, read on.

Front Pocket Wallet

A personalized front pocket wallet is a swankier gift to give your groomsmen compared to the traditional money clip. Since the money clip constrains them to carry a few dollar bills, the front pocket wallet allows for credit cards and other essentials too.

This is something your groomsmen will have a use for. And thanks to the added personalization feature, you can get the front pocket wallet customized with each groomsman’s name or initials.

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Starboard Notebook

The notebook will never get out of style. It’s used by the average office chap to the top tier CEOs in the business. Thus, getting your groomsmen a notebook will be a timely gift not just for the wedding, but also for the days beyond.

You can give them this gift days before your wedding day, to help them jot down important notes about the wedding during meetings. Plus, they can use this to write down the list of items to pack for your destination wedding, or what gift they’ll get you from your wedding registry.

The options in terms of what they can use this notebook for is virtually limitless.

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Personalized Decanter and Whiskey Glass Gift Set

For beer and whiskey aficionados, two things never get old – one, how their liquor is made and two, how it’s stored and drank. That’s why this personalized decanter and whiskey glass gift set is one of the swankiest gifts you can get your beer-loving boys.

This gift set comes with a whiskey glass set and a whiskey decanter, both packed in a keepsake gift box. The gift box is given a nice, black sheen finish for a crisper look.

You can have both the gifts and the gift box personalized with either the name or initials of each groomsman.  

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Bocce Set

Who wouldn’t want to cool off the wedding jitters by going to the park and playing a little game of bocce? If you and your groomsmen are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the hectic preparations for your wedding day, this game can double up as both a great groomsmen gift and mind relaxer.

Perfect for the summer wedding, you can get a bocce set and play with the boys outside on the lawn. Apart from easing the pre-wedding tension, this game will also help you stay entertained and active for the big day.

Optionally, you can get a vintage bag to store the balls once you’re done.

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Personalized Grilling Set

Grilling kit

Now, who among the boys doesn’t love barbeque? Assuming none of the groomsmen are vegetarian, the personalized grilling set is a gift that will never go out of style.

This three-piece grilling set comes packed with everything the boys will need for a smoky veggie and meat preparation. The set comes packaged in a personalized case, where you can write each groomsman’s name or initials across the top of the case.

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Hook + Albert Accessories Travel Kit

If you’re set up for a destination wedding, or your groomsmen are the type that never stays in one place for long, then an accessories travel kit is a practical, useful, and up-to-date groomsmen gift you can get them.

This travel kit ensures they pack the essentials they need for your destination wedding or any other trip where they’ll be required to be in their dapper selves. With this particular travel kit, they get compartments to store their glasses or sunglasses, tie, tie clips, and any other accessories they’ll need to look sharp.

Apart from helping them carry their priced accessories, this travel kit also does a great job of ensuring they’re not misplaced within the beehive of activities on the big day.

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