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This next wedding is very near and dear to my heart.  See, I (Georgina) grew up playing ball with Alva.  Alva’s Dad was a cornerstone in growing up to me and most of my friends.  So when Alva called me to let me know she was engaged and to be married to the love of her live….I was thrilled.  Mark and Alva are equally successful business people.  They both own a State Farm Agency and met back in the day when they were newbies in the biz. It took many-many years before they would realize that they were meant to be….at least 15-18 years I believe.

They wanted to do it right and wanted to wait for THE ONE!

So we started the day at JW Starr Pass Marriot for preparation and headed over to St. Augustine Catholic Church for the ceremony.  We end the day back at Starr Pass.

If there was a theme for the wedding, I would say it was to bring family and friends together.  Alva’s Dad and wing man was so happy for his beloved daughter and had a hard time keeping the tears back most of the day.

Marks parents have passed, so he had each one by his side…holding his hand so to speak.  Alva gave him cuff links that opened up and held an image of each of his parents.

Enjoy the infectious and handsome smile of Mark and beauty of Alva.  We were so blessed to be a part of your day.

Some of the amazing wedding professionals of the day were:

Wedding Coordinator -Perfectly Planned by Candida:

Video – Black Sheep Productions –

Flowers: Sauliz Dezigns

Cake-Starr Pass

Harpist: Anne Stigall (520) 578-8727

Mariachi band greeted the guests as they entered the Cathedral.  Beautiful angelic harp music filled the air inside.

This is Kris, also a childhood friend.  She is most likely spilling the beans on a couple crazy teenage antics.  Alva was a pitcher and
Kris a catcher.  So they have been each other’s ying-n-yang from my earliest memories.

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