Something Blue Wedding Photography

Jessica and Neil’s Dream wedding was filled with so many details and packed with emotion. We had so much fun hanging out with the wedding party. I laughed so hard and came to tears. The wedding and reception were held at Westin La Paloma. It was a magical day for such a sweet couple.

We started off the day at the salon. Salon de Futur. I think it just depicts a day in the life of a bride. Her and her entourage.

The groom and his entourage. LOL. The groom is also a twin.

So the Jessica was addicted to Etsy as I am sure many of you are. It was like Christmas with all the gifts. But none were as priceless as the next couple gifts to the moms.

So on to the ceremony.  LaPaloma has the incredible view of the Catalina’s.

Now I know that the next part is emotional, but so many of us have to deal with this. Me included. Neil had lost his father and to honor him a single rose was placed on his seat. When Neil walked to his place at the front of the ceremony, he knelt down and gave love to his beloved dad who was there in spirit. Silence was heard as tears in the eyes of the guest began to roll down their faces.

With any wedding there is tears and laughter and there is a place for it all. So Neil stood and looked to the horizon and waited for the love of his life to walk to him.

On to the reception and some fabulous reception design by Sylvia Drew Events .  The cake was created by  Sweet Creations.

I end the day with some beautiful dramatic night photos. We hope you enjoyed the love story of Neil and Jessica. We had a blast, and again so
blessed to be a part of so many families in this city.

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