Something Blue Wedding Photography

Recipe for Puppy Love:  1 cup of love….3 cups of romance…1/2 cup of compassion….1cup of friendship…pinch of patience and a tsp of humor = A whole lotta lovin pie!!!

Tonya and Dan have all the ingredients for an amazing love affair for the rest of their lives.  They seriously have a very unique and
fun connection.

At the end of the session they brought 7 of their best friends: 6 of their pup babies and Tonya’s mom to help wrangle them.  I kid
you not, I mean WRANGLE.  Tonya and Dan  have a love and passion for dogs….Bull dogs to be exact.  They are very
active with rescuing and protecting them.  If they had a bigger house, I know they would have more than 6 dogs.

Enjoy their engagement session and come back as the next story will be of their wedding day.

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