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An engagement session is a photo session celebrating your love and engagement.  It is a time to show off your love to the world.  Weddings are time stamped so to speak with a wedding dress and attire.  The Engagement photos are timeless and have many uses and reasons for taking them.  Most sessions are typically taken by the person that will be photographing your wedding.  This is not always the case, but what we recommend.

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Couple engagement session and
Couple engagement session



One of most common reasons for an engagement session is to get to know your photographer.  This builds a trust and rapport that spills over into the wedding day.  You are a bit more relaxed and know their prompts and style.  The photographer will be one that spends most of the day with you and you want to be prepared.  Now that you feel more comfortable around them your day should run more smoothly.


Every couple that is in love and engaged should head over to our Cutest Engaged Couple contest.  There is no purchase necessary and this may be your chance to win a session at no charge.  Included with the session is a signing book with 20 sides and you can fill it with photos from your session.  The value of the winning session is $625.  All you have to do is upload a non-professional photo and have family and friends vote for you.  Contest ends July 3, 2019.  Follow this link and get started: Cutest Engaged Couple Contest

Couple engagement session
walking through wild flowers


Signing Board for guests to sign
Signing Board for guests to sign

There are endless uses of the engagement photos.  Just Pinterest it and the ideas will come flooding in.  The photos are a great way to personalize your wedding day. 

Create a one of a kind signing book like the one we offer with each session and have guests sign the book.  If a book is not your style then you may like the signing board that features an 8×10 image of the two of you and guests sign around the photo.  Once the wedding is over you can hang it in your home.

Create a centerpiece on each table that includes an engagement photo from your session.  We have even seen specially designed candy bars wrappers with the couple’s photo on candy bars.

  • Save the date
  • Invitations
  • Wedding website
  • Centerpieces
  • Framed photos sprinkled throughout the reception
  • Personalize favors to guests
  • Signing book or Board
  • Thank you cards
  • Personalized stamps
  • Slide show
  • Framed and hung in your home
Candy bar covered with engagement session photo


Personalizing your photos is a must. If you have ideas share them with your photographer.  Your photographer will welcome input into your personality and style.  Use props that showcase your style whether it is vintage, glam, classic or a sense of humor.   Use of signs, wooden letters and dates are popular props.  Bring a blanket, picnic basket, and favorite beverage for setting a romantic scene.  Hopefully when you chose your photographer you chose one that enjoys both posed and non-posed sessions to create one of kind photos. Even the time of year can personalize your photos. Yes, this was taken on Mt. Lemon in winter.


What do we wear is our most common question.  There are no rules or stipulations.  First and for most you want to be you.  Expression of your personalities is essential.  If you and your bae are a super casual then do not feel the need to where a suit,  tie, heals or sequins.  Many couples like to shake it up and have a clothing change for two different looks.

Here are our suggestions for what to where:

  • Feel comfortable
  • Complement each other with color and pattern
  • Colors may be dictated by where you use them.  Example wedding colors or home decor colors.
  • Be you!
  • Stylize your session with a specific look or theme
  • Bring a blanket, Champaign glasses or flowers for prompts


engagement session at Sedona, AZ
engagement session at Sedona, AZ

Choosing a location is important. It should be a personal choice.  We at Something Blue are flexible with locations and love personalizing it.  We will first ask a couple what type of background they envision.  Sometimes a couple has a special place in mind such as a location where the proposal took place or secret picnic place.   Think about where you will use or display the photos and this may dictate your location.  Our favorite locations are in downtown Tucson or desert like settings and the occasional Mt. Lemon. Go big and do a destination engagement session such as at Sedona, AZ.  We cannot wait to hear your ideas.


engagement session
Engagement session strolling down a dirt path with a leading dog.

Yes, we love when children or pets are included with your session.  They are an intricate part of your family and should be included if you choose.  Bring signs for them to hold or wear and coordinate their clothing as well.  We usually recommend bringing along a friend or family member to help out with them when they are not in the photos.  You do not want your photographer distracted or expected to hold on to the pup when not in the shot.


We are just a few clicks away. Head over to Something Blue’s website or email us at [email protected] to get your session started.


I want more information about an engagement session with Something Blue. Click HERE

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