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Hello all you gorgeous couples.  You are engaged, planning a wedding and need to learn the wedding lingo.  Most woman know all the terms involved with the planning, however, most men are just a tad clueless.  I often get a dear in a headlight look when referring to some of these words.  Wedding Lingo would be a great quiz for your man.

Best man

The Best Man is a pretty common wedding lingo term. So we will start out easy. The Groom usually gives the honorary role of best man to the closest male in his life, however, that is not always the case.  In this modern day and age, rules are not the rage and the Groom can choose a female to stand by his side.  This could be a brother/sister, father, son/daughter, cousin, or friend.  It is generally the Best Mans/Woman’s place to plan the bachelorette party, give a toast during speeches and keep the Groom on task during the wedding day.  (aka not to drunk)

Groom showing off his ring to the groomsmen
Groom with his Groomsmen

Maid of Honor vs Matron of Honor

The honorary role of Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor is usually given to the closest female to the bride. Again, this role is not always a female.  If the bride’s closest person is a male, he can step into that roll. A Maid of Honor is someone not married, in comparison to Matron of Honor that is married. Her/His role includes organizing the bachelorette party and many times the wedding shower.  She/he will also want to hold the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony, and straighten out the bride’s dress.  MOH is the abbreviation of Maid or Matron or Man of Honor.

Bride with her bridesmaids
Bride Tribe


No, this wedding lingo is not a reference to a locomotive.  This wedding lingo refers to the length of dress that trails behind the bride as she walks.  It can be carried down the aisle by a ring bearer; however most brides opt to have the train flow behind them.  The MOH will spread and smooth the train out once the bride meets her groom (or bride) at the altar.

Wedding couple kissing at sunset
Couple sunset photo at Saguaro Buttes


We always get a funny look from the groom when we mention that the bride needs bustled.  Bustling is when the Brides dress has a train and it needs to be pinned or hooked up so that it does not get stepped on or dragged during the reception.

Boutonniere or Corsage

Boutonniere refers to the spray of small flowers or themed designed object that sits on the groom jacket near the lapel or button hole.  Try to be creative with the design to ensure you can match the style of your wedding décor while also giving extra recognition to the ones you love.  We have seen wooden boutonniere, Star wars or Super Hero Boutonnieres and so much more.  Your imagination is your only limit. Woman usually wear floral corsages pinned to the front of their dress/blouse or they can wear it on their wrist. Our Pinterest page has great ideas.

Bow tie

Pretty self-explanatory – a bow tie is an alternative to the usual necktie to be worn with a suit.  Go classic or jazz it up.  One of our favorites was a wooden tie made by Two Guys and a Tie. 

Wooden Bow Tie for wedding
Bow Tie


The Bouquet is a beautiful arrangement of flowers (usually) carried by a bride. Many brides choose to have each of their Bridesmaids carry one as well.  Two of our favorite florist in Tucson is Posh Petals and Atelier de LaFleur . To change it up, some brides choose to carry a single flower or a bouquet made out of jewels.

Bride with Bouquet
Bride with bouquet

Bouquet toss

The bouquet toss originated in England. During this time in history woman would rip at the bride’s dress in order to secure some of her good luck for themselves. To escape, the bride would toss her bouquet at them and run away.  Many brides during the reception will toss the bouquet to a grouping of single woman, thus the term was coined “The Bouquet Toss”.  The one who catches it is said to be the next to marry.  The Bouquet Toss is not always done at every wedding.  We have seen the children gathered on the dance floor and the Bride tosses teddy bears to the littles.  We have also seen all woman, married or single called to the dance floor for the toss so not to call attention to only the singles.

Celebrant or Officiant

A Celebrant or Officiant is the paid professional who officiates or conducts the ceremony of your marriage. This person will also sign your marriage certificates and rehearse your vows to be made on the wedding day.

Bride celebrating after wedding kiss with her arm raised
Bride celebrating after wedding kiss

Flower girl

The Flower Girl title is generally given to a female child or youngster.  She usually begins the bridal procession by scattering flowers along the aisle before the bride makes her grand entrance.  If the child is to small have the ring bearer pull her in a cute white decorated wagon. One of our favorite weddings was when the bride had her two Grandmothers being the flower girls.

Flower girls admiring wedding dress
Flower girls admiring wedding dress

Ring bearer

A ring bearer role is given to small boys who carries the rings down the aisle and presents them to the marrying couple during the exchanging of rings.  Many couples opt to not put actual rings on the pillow or in the box.  Boys will be boys and they could get lost.  In this case it is more of a ceremonial roll.  You can also choose to have the ring bearers carry signs such as: Here comes the Bride, You can still run or Ladies I am available instead of rings. A Ring Security roll has become very popular.

Fondant, Buttercream, Piping, Ganache, Red Velvet. 

These yummy wedding lingo terms refer to icing and fillings on the wedding cake. All you need to know is that it tastes good and you will learn what you love at your cake tasting.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen you get to go eat free cake to decide what you want for your actual wedding cake.  We have worked many times with Village Bake House and Jaimie Cakes Bakery Boutique and highly recommend both.  The creations these ladies make blow our mind.

Wedding cake surrounded by night lights
Wedding cake


Garland is usually greenery garnished with floral or ribbons and twisted and twirled into ropes that can be hung from doorways, stairs, or railings, as an extra touch to decor. A more delicate garland or floral crown may be worn by the bride or flower girls as a headpiece.

Garder and Garder Removal

A garder is a piece of fabric that is placed on the bride’s upper thigh. Many brides use this as their something blue or matching the theme or color of their wedding.

The history of this tradition is a little disturbing. Back in the day it was said that the bride and groom had to show proof of their wedding consummation.  Family or friends would obtain the garter for proof.  These days the garder toss is done during the reception and has been modified to be more of a fun ceremonial piece of the night.  The groom tosses it to a group of single men who either fight their way for it or stand idle as if they do not see it. It is said that the one who catches it will have luck or be the next to marry.

Groom removing the garder during the reception
Removing the garder

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Bringing the bride luck is the premise for this sweet rhyme. She will receive these gifts, borrowing trinkets or purchasing said items and having them present on her wedding day. Using small items or gifts are always the sweetest and most precious items to use because they are closer to the heart. Something old or borrowed can be grandmas brooch or handkerchief, maybe moms earrings or a friends veil. Something New can be anything you can imagine including your shoes or dress. Something Blue can be your undergarments, jewelry, or maybe surprise everyone with blue shoes. Something Blue Photography always reminds you that we can be that for you too

Happy Planning

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